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New Auto - 1.39%*
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MasterCard - 8.90%*

APR = Annual Percentage Rate

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New Changes... Courtesy Pay

As of April 1, 2012 all checking accounts will be enrolled into a "NEW" standard overdraft practice called Courtesy Pay. We will authorize and pay overdrafts for checks, transactions made using your checking account number and automatic bill payments conducted with your account.

If you would like us to pay ATM transactions and everyday debit card transactions you will need to Opt-In using the our Courtesy Pay Opt-In Form.

If you would not like to take advantage of this great service, you can easily Opt-Out with our form below. We also offer you the opportunity to lower your $500 Courtesy pay limit by using the Opt-Out form also.

Opt-In Form                      Opt-Out Form




Remember: the limit daily for a Pin-based transaction using your Master Money Debit Card is $1,000. In other words any purchase or ATM withdrawal which requires the use of your PIN will not be able to surpass $1,000 for that day.

 Your debit card can also be used for credit card type transactions where no PIN is necessary once you select “credit” at the Point Of Sale. The limit daily for this transaction is $2,500. It is recommended that you use this for most purchases if possible which will allow you to have more funds at your disposal for the day. This also includes any method of payment that requires your Debit Card number.

 Maintaining a check register is an excellent way to balance your checking account.  This allows you to record any withdrawals and deposits from the available amount keeping in mind what your new balance ought to be.

 Making use of the Online Banking and STAR (phone) service is a great help in more ways than one. This allows you to find out what cleared the account. We encourage you to use this system to check balances as well. This way you can avoid that $1 fee charged each time there is a balance inquiry.

 Opting in to Courtesy Pay. A new service now offered by your credit union to alleviate the stress of incoming payments. We have automatically enrolled all our members, and incoming checks and other checking accounts debits will be covered up to $500. Opting in will also cover your every day debit card transactions up to $500 (including the minimal transaction fee of $25).






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Our MasterCard Credit Card Members will now be earning Rewards on Every Purchase!!

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